Wood is a natural product. This means that the individual boards may differ from each other.

swisra charcol pine Shou Sugi Ban


The burned panels with the traditional Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban with the distinct structure of burnt wood. Numerous cracks give the boards the appearance of „alligator skin”. They are perfect for modern interiors and projects inspired by nature.

Burning is protection against fungi and biological corrosion. The charred layer is additionally protected against mechanical damage. The impregnated boards, ready to install.

Swisra Soot Larch Shou Sugi Ban


Soot is the finish without any carbonized layer. The boards are burnt and brushed what improves the natural structure and the grain of the wood. Soot is perfect for areas where there is requirement for the increased strength of wood. The board is burnt minimum 3 sides, impregnated and protected on the surface with a thin layer.

swisra Ash Pine Shou Sugi Ban


Ash the top layer of delicate soot is ligthly brusched off, leaving a smooth, consistent and dark surface, and an oil prefinish is aplied prior to shipment. Suitable for exterior applications.


Smoke is a finish referring to the effect of patina on wood. It is willingly chosen for use in both classical solutions and modern arrangements.

The boards are burnt, brushed and colored in a way that mimics the natural patina. Thanks to these treatments, the effect on the boards lasts for many years.

Coffee Larch Shou Sugi Ban


Coffee finish board is made of larch wood for internal and external use. The use of larch provides better weather resistance. The contrast between the dark and light wood parts gives the boards a unique rustic look. The product is burnt. The natural warm color of the wood is achieved by the proper brushing of the boards.


Cinnamon finish with warm, natural colors, made in Shou Sugi Ban technology. Cinnamon boards will add strength and character to rustic and simple interiors. In modern arrangements, they will be a unique decorative element.

Subdued bright colors give the effect of tanning. Burning improves the natural structure of the wood, creating an original decorative element of the interior and the facade.

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