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Swisra was established in 2017. We offer wood panels which are characterized by their natural beauty and excellent durability. This technique is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of „Shou Sugi Ban” also known as “Yakisugi”. In our days technique has been rediscovered and re-invented to produce some beautiful results and modern interpretations. We guarantee technical assistance on the choice of the appropriate wood and finish depending on the end application and the desired effect. The products are 100% handmade, thanks to this the boards do not lose their natural touch and authenticity.

shou sugi ban


Process of Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi an ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood by charring it.

The time intensive process ends in a final product that is not only beautiful, but also resilient. In this meeting of fire and wood, the wood is reborn more resistant to fire and becomes an excellent natural treatment against fungi and parasites, also it increases the longevity of its physical structure. The production method depends on the type of finish. Each product is treated individually. The visible structure created by the burn, some products are completely brushed after burning and covered by natural oils. Thanks to this the structure of the wood and its color are visible. The products are 100% handmade, thanks to this the boards do not lose their natural touch and authenticity. The panels can be used outside on the walls, roof, terrace or fencing as well inside the building as a wall covering, decorative element etc.

shou sugi ban

Yakisugi (焼杉) is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. Yaki means to heat with fire, and sugi is cypress.

shou sugi ban

Some reasons you should use Shou sugi ban

  • Sun damage
  • Termites
  • Rotting
  • Water damage

The life expectancy of shou sugi ban is estimated at more than 80 years when properly maintained. 

The smell will fade away over time.

  • It’s beaitiful.
  • It’s wholesome.
  • It’s durable.
shou sugi ban

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Our products

Wood is a natural product. This means that the individual boards may differ from each other.

swisra charcol pine Shou Sugi Ban


Numerous cracks give the boards the appearance of „alligator skin”. They are perfect for modern interiors and projects inspired by nature.

swisra Ash Larch Shou Sugi Ban


Ash the top layer of delicate soot is ligthly brusched off, leaving a smooth, consistent and dark surface, and an oil prefinish is aplied prior to shipment. Suitable for exterior applications.

Swisra Soot Larch Shou Sugi Ban


Soot is the finish without any carbonized layer. The boards are burnt and brushed what improves the natural structure and the grain of the wood.

swisra smoke pine


Smoke is a finish referring to the effect of patina on wood. It is willingly chosen for use in both classical solutions and modern arrangements

coffee Shou Sugi Ban


Coffee finish board is made of larch wood for internal and external use. The use of larch provides better weather resistance.

swisra cinnamon


Cinnamon finish with warm, natural colors, made in Shou Sugi Ban technology. Cinnamon boards will add strength and character to rustic and simple interiors. 

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